Friday, January 22, 2010

The Classics

Last week after dinner at Hook for Restaurant Week, AJ and I decided to stop at Barnes & Noble to use a gift card I received from my Secret Snowflake (we're very PC at my school). I really hate shelling out money for books unless there is something specific I need, so I browsed the Home & Gift section for stationary, desk accessories, and organization stuff. There were a bunch of things I wanted, including all of the red crocodile items, but I couldn't decide on just one thing so I gave up and went to find AJ to see if there was anything he wanted.

As we continued to browse we stumbled upon the Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics. Have you seen these? If there is one kind of book I will buy brand new, it is a classic. These are beautiful books and are a steal at $20 a pop. I really want to collect them all so that we have the books available for our future children. For now we settled on one for each of us, which should hold us over for a while.

The Complete Sherlock Holmes for him and Jane Austen's Seven Novels for me.

I have only read one of Jane Austen's books, but it was back in high school so I don't really remember what it was about. I also haven't seen any of the movies. I am hoping to read all seven novels by the end of the summer. I am in two book clubs so I will be reading other books between now and then as well. I think I can do it, right?

I also plan to read Sherlock Holmes at some point. AJ already finished the first story, and he said he will never be able to enjoyably read another author's mystery novels because these books are so well written.

Have you read any of these books? Which is your favorite?

ETA: Barnes & Noble did not ask me to write this and I was not paid for this post. Do I really have to write this every time I talk about a product? Lame!


  1. i love that you bought these! i love nothing more than a pretty book! :)

  2. I cannot resist a beautiful book...these are gorgeous!

  3. There are beautiful and the Jane Austen books (at least the ones I've read) are great.

  4. I want every book I ever buy to come leatherbound...