Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blogger FAIL

My last two posts haven't shown up in google reader. Anyone know how to fix this? The first one I posted 24 hours ago.

Ugh! I need a tech savy friend.


From nitecruzr, someone who responded to my cry for help....

Feeds, like other components in custom domain published blogs, are affected by the BlogSpot URL redirect problem.

Ahh, so apparently custom blog addresses aren't working and blogspot addresses aren't redirecting like they normally do. BOOO!

Hopefully this will all be fixed soon! If you still have my old blogspot address in your reader, then the posts will not show up. Please update your reader with my new domain:


  1. Hrm, I got both of them in my reader, the kate spade baby bag and the sweet tea, right?

    Fact is I'm the opposite of baby hungry and I don't like tea, so I had no real umph to leave a comment...can we still be friends?


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely be visiting yours again :)

  3. i got them in my google reader... i've noticed that lately my posts take 4-10hours to post to google reader.
    i would say it's definitely the google and not you : )

  4. Love that your last two posts were about:

    A) Alchohol
    B) Babies

    Too funny :) and your dinner sounds like it was amazing, spiked Arnold Palmer and all!

  5. Do you see this? I can comment!! I've never been so excited to be able to leave a comment before. Not that you care, but i opened your blog in an Internet Explorer tab and it seems to work. It must be a firefox FAIL.

  6. It is probably operator error on this end, but we have given up on Reader and switched to Netvibes.

    Have a fab Friday!