Monday, June 1, 2009


This weekend we traveled up to NY to surprise my dad with a 50th birthday party. My mom planned a dinner cruise on Skaneateles Lake with our family and some of my dad's friends. We had a great time and it ended up being an awesome, quick get away for AJ and I.

The day began with my dad, brother, and two of my dad's friends from work golfing at a course near Syracuse. My mom and the other wives then surprised them at a restaurant in town and told him that the 7 of them were going to take the dinner cruise and spend the night on the lake. We arrived on Saturday afternoon shortly after they sat down for a late lunch. My dad was so excited to see us and literally jumped out of his seat!

We then spent the afternoon in my parents hotel room and on their balcony. This is where all the fun started! My dad's secretary and her husband were in the room next store and he almost saw them when we were hanging out on the balcony. People started arriving and had to be shooed away because they were going to ruin the surprise! It was so funny. Here we are hanging out on the balcony. Note our attire. It was only 60 degrees on the lake! Gah, I do not miss NY weather!

We then headed down to our hotel room to get ready, when we ran into some family. They were all hiding out in another hotel room!

Here is my dad when we are heading towards the boat and he realizes all his family and friends are in town! I am so glad the surprise party was a success!

Being on the water was amazing, and luckily it wasn't too chilly on most parts of the boat. I still had to wear a sweater over my dress, but at least I wasn't freezing the entire time.

One of my college roommates is from Skaneateles, so she and her boyfriend met up with us after the cruise. It was so great to catch up and spend time with her! I always forget how much I miss my friends until we are reunited again. I love that we can fall right back into place after not seeing each other for almost a year.

Obviously, I had a great weekend and I hope you all did too!


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw how bundled up the two of you were! So glad it was a success (and a nice little mini-vaca) :) and CONGRATULATIONS on your job! Can't wait to celebrate! xoxo

  2. GREAT pics!! You look so chic on the boat!

    And Congrats that is HUGE! :)

  3. cute dress, where is it from?

  4. That sounds like fun. And I know B already mentioned it, but that dress is gorgeous!