Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jury Duty

I'm halfway through my day of jury duty. I keep waffling about whether or not it is pure torture. Since I've got lots of time on my hands, let's go over a day in the courthouse....

I did not have to report to the courthouse until 10:30 am, which meant I got to sleep in AND take my sweet time getting ready this morning. Conclusion: Sweet.

When I first arrived, I waited in line for almost 30 minutes in the rain just to go through security and get in the building. My beautifully straightened hair became a frizz nest. My blood was boiling. Once inside I calmed down again...that is until I reached the end of another ginormous line, this time to get checked in as a juror. Luckily I only had to wait about 20 minutes. Still though, that is a lot of waiting in line, so my day certainly did not start off well. Conclusion: Torture.

I then headed into the Juror Lounge, which basically looks like the cabin of an airplane, or perhaps a long lecture hall. Rows of seats, an aisle in the middle, a lectern in front, and multiple TV's hanging from the ceiling. The chairs are semi-comfy, they play movies, and best of all, there is wi-fi. I checked ahead of time and came prepared with my MacBook. I have cleaned out my reader, updated my blog roll, and answered lots of emails. Conclusion: Pretty Sweet.

They have called two panels so far, and I am not on either of them. Conclusion: Awesome.

We were released for lunch at 1pm. I usually don't get a chance to eat lunch, so an entire hour is a big deal for me. I headed across the street to Cosi, along with 100 other jurors. I waited a long time for my salad (good thing we had an hour) and then had to sit on a window ledge because there were no seats. I would have walked back to the courthouse and eaten there, but I couldn't carry my bag, my salad, my iced tea, and my umbrella without wiping out and/or spilling something. On a happy note, my salad was yummy. Conclusion: Not Fun.

After I returned from lunch, I got a seat at one of the two tables at the front. Working at a table is so much nicer than burning my legs with my laptop. I've got a window behind me, so no one is reading over my shoulder while I type, and although it is crappy out, at least I get a view of the outside world. Also of importance...I am blogging during the day, which is a rare occurance given my job. Oh, and I just realized I have my iPod earbuds in my bag and that I can listen to Pandora. Conclusion: Score.

The panel announcer man just came in and released us all! At 2:30pm. I didn't get called AND I don't have to come back for two years. Conclusion: YAYAY!


  1. Yey! Because it totally sucks! Good thing you didn't have to do it!

  2. wooohoo!

    i am pleased to say I've never served on jury duty (knock on wood) :)

  3. that's awesome! it reminds me of my surgery waiting room experience. we should start a blog about things that should NOT be awesome, but somehow end up actually being awesome :)

  4. I've never been called for jury duty, but always kind of wanted to!

  5. That's kind of awesome!! At least it didn't totally suck. At the courthouse I was in all of the time last year, they definitely don't have those kinds of amenities for jurors. It is a moldy cramped room in the basement with one TV that is on PBS all of the time and a bunch of folding stairs. No phones, no internet allowed!

  6. Ha you better stay in DC then or else they'll call you to jury duty again.

  7. Wifi?? That is awesome. The LA courthouse doesn't have that! I used to work in the Prettyman courthouse (I think jury duty is in DC superior though)-I miss being downtown!

  8. Yay no jury duty! I have actually NEVER been called for jury duty...knock on wood!

    Your post just gave me some fond memories of the HOURS and HOURS I spent at the DC Superior Court when I was a foster care social worker. I used to eat at that Cosi ALL THE TIME. I was at the courthouse several days a week, usually. The line when the courthouse opens is the WORST. Beware. :)

  9. This is a great story! I love your rating of each event. You're hilarious :) Ive never been to Jury Duty...knock on all sorts of wood!