Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

Since we knew my parents would be here for Valentine's Day, Alson and I exchanged gifts earlier this week. He surprised me with a dozen red roses on Thursday and I gave him Yours & Mine (it was on super sale at CVS a few weeks ago) last weekend. I also got breakfast in bed everyday last week! Nothing fancy, just my favorites (cereal, English muffin with PB, Eggo's), which made it extra special. I am definitely not a morning person so this really helped to start my day.

Why is it that long weekends fly by faster than normal weekends? My parents and their new doggy arrived around 6:30 on Friday night. Isn't Norman so sweet looking?

He has the cutest under bite! He is so good with pictures and does not need to be tricked into looking at the camera. Quite different than taking pictures of Kona!

After meeting Norman and getting settled we headed out for a bite to eat. We didn't have reservations because we weren't sure when my parents would arrive, so we walked around the area to find a place that wasn't packed. We ended up at a little pub on Connecticut; it was really yummy and laid back. Alson claimed the fish and chips rivaled ones he had in Dublin. I think that means we will be heading back there for more fish and chips.

On Saturday we spent the day at the dog park, Whole Foods, and just hanging out in our apartment. After some shopping, Wii, naps, and reading we got ready and headed to Clyde's at Gallery Place for dinner. It was okay, nothing to rave about, but since we had to get last minute reservations (my parents didn't decide they were visiting until last week) we didn't have many restaurants to choose from. Here are Alson and I before dinner. We need some sun (or bronzer)!

Yesterday we ate breakfast at a restaurant around the corner and hit up the farmer's market before my parents headed back to NY. After that Alson and I lounged around and enjoyed some quality time with Kona. I think she was jealous of all the attention Norman was getting!

Today Alson and I thought it would be fun to rearrange our bedroom because we are getting a new mattress this week. We moved ALL of our stuff, including the furniture, into our living room and then vaccumed and dusted the nooks and crannies we don't get to on a weekly (monthly?) basis. After attempting to rearrange we determined it wasn't possible to set up our bedroom any other way and accepted defeat by putting everything back where it was initially positioned. Ugh. At least we cleaned? This really made us realize we DO NOT have enough space and definitely would like to move into a bigger apartment. We of course have to wait and see where/if I get a job, but hopefully we can move out to the Alexandria area. I am looking forward to closet space and dog friendly establishments! Let's hope the stimulus plan creates more jobs in the public schools!

It was so nice to have today off and hopefully this week will fly by as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will....we have two birthdays to celebrate and mock trial to prepare for in our house. Busy busy!

Hope you all had a fun and exciting weekend as well!


  1. what a gorgeous picture! You are so pretty! I am the first to admit that there are more than a few dust bunnies living in many parts of my house ;) xo

  2. breakfast in bed all week?? you are one seriously lucky girl!

    and i'm at that point too.. it happens every year fron Jan -March... i'm the palest color i'm capable of and it makes me very sad. oh how i would love to be in college again and justify hitting the tanning bed! soon enough we'll be getting sun...

  3. I can't believe you got breakfast in bed for a whole week. I am so jealous!

    You guys look great together!

  4. Oooh reading your post made me miss DC and Clyde's! I know that sometimes they have so-so food...but the chili is TO DIE FOR! I seriously have Clyde's chili cravings. And...I'm having one right now. Yummy!