Monday, February 23, 2009

Week Run Down

And another week has flown by...due partially to the birthdays, but also to a new mattress, mock trial, a visit from Alson's parents, puppy sickness, and Restaurant Week here in DC.

On Thursday afternoon our new mattress was delivered! We ordered a generic tempurpedic from after one to many sleepless nights on our old innerspring mattress. Haha, I sound like an infomercial. These kinds of mattresses don't need a box spring, but they require a platform style bed, so we headed out to our local hardware store for some 2 x 4's. After screwing 9 of them into our current bed frame we were ready for our first night of deep sleep. Over the past few nights I have gotten used to not sleeping in a "divot, or gully, or crater" (Alson's terms) and it is glorious. Definitely worth the money!

Taken before we nailed down the 2 x 4's...hence the box spring underneath.

On Saturday Alson participated in his law school's mock trial competition at the DC Courthouse. I was an expert witness for the prosecution, which required a lot of preparation on my part. On Wednesday night we had a scrimmage against another team and on Friday night we spent three hours going over the questions he was going to ask me and the answers I was supposed to give. I loved waking up at 7, sweating on the witness stand during cross examination, and being nervous for Alson in general. Okay, I may have minded a little, but the clothes he ordered from Vineyard Vines as "compensation" (I didn't ask for anything, he surprised me!) made it totally worth it. Plus, Alson looked pretty sexy all cleaned up in a suit!

Alson's parents came into town on Saturday afternoon (about an hour after we got back from mock trial and lunch with the defense) so the day just flew by. We spent the late afternoon hanging out and talking with his parents, then cleaned up and headed to Cafe Atlantico for an early birthday dinner. The food and service was amazing! I felt like I was on Top Chef.

We had brunch on Sunday at a restaurant around the corner and then Alson's parents treated us to some homemade pasta and pesto at the farmer's market. I will definitely be making some Italian this week! Alson also bought me some beautiful tulips from our favorite flower vendor. They are just starting to bloom and are giving me hope that spring is around the corner! His parents then headed to a museum, so we went home, built a fire and took a breather for a couple hours. Before they headed back to NY they stopped by one last time to drop off Alson's hockey bag (more about this in another post) and left us with some NY apples, wine, and healthy snacks. Yum!

We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the couch watching the Capitals and some golf (birthday boy got to control the remote). About a half an hour before we were about to get ready for dinner, Kona got sick for the third time this weekend. We finally took to Google and found out that she was just hungry! She pretty much hasn't eaten since my parents left last weekend. Maybe because she was swiping Norman's food and now doesn't like her own? Anyway, Alson ran to the store while I simultaneously boiled water and got ready. Alson returned with some chicken, which I quickly boiled and fed to Kona. She gobbled it up in seconds! Such a spoiled puppy. Hopefully that filled her up and she will return to her normal eating habits shortly. Luckily we made it to Ruth's Chris on time and were able to enjoy a romantic birthday dinner together. The food was very good, but so rich. I can definitely only eat there once in a blue moon. I will, however, be dreaming of their mashed potatoes in the meantime!

And that is the run down of my week. This one shouldn't be quite as busy so I will try to write some posts with more substance!


  1. awww sounds like a very busy but fun week!! can't wait til our get together ! xo

  2. what a nice week! ruth chris is so delicious! now i really want a baked potato & steak!

    and while you're attempting to post with more substance i'm just going to attempt to post : )

  3. What a busy week!

    What did you get from Vineyard Vines? I am jealous!