Thursday, February 26, 2009

Storage and Sports

When my parents visited over Valentine's Day weekend they brought us our golf clubs.

When Alson's parents visited last weekend they brought his hockey bag, stick, and caddy.

Needless to say, our apartment is overflowing with sports equipment. Our golf clubs are framing our center window in our dining nook, the hockey caddy is in the middle of our clubs, and his hockey bag and sticks (we already had one here) are in the middle of our living room floor.

When we first moved here we kept our golf clubs in my trunk and then dropped them off at my parents house when we were up for Thanksgiving. Now that I am pretty much a testing machine (so many kids are referred for special education this time of year), I have 5 IQ test kits in my trunk and there really is no room for our clubs in there. Since the weather will soon be improving, we are hoping to hit up the driving range and play a few rounds in the coming months, thus the need for our clubs. As for the hockey equipment, we originally elected to not keep any of it in DC because he wasn't planning to play hockey this year. That all changed when a law school friend asked him to join an adult league.

I'm not sure where we will ultimately store all this stuff, but I know it's not going to be in plain sight! Despite the storage problem, I am excited to get swinging and know Alson is too. Here we are golfing on our honeymoon:

We weren't planning to play (I didn't even bring a polo shirt!), but couldn't pass up the course once we got there. Luckily there wasn't a strict dress code.

Any other golfers in the area?


  1. M is an avid golfer... he plays all year round. they're out there in the snow, cold, rain, heat, whatever. being unemployed has only done wonders for his golf game.
    i took up golf to spend more time with him but haven't touched my clubs in about a year now...

  2. Storage space can definitely be an issue. Once I start thinking that I don't own all that much stuff, I start to remember how much space my winter coats, and vacuum cleaner, and extra toiletries take up in the small closets in my (shared) apartment. :)

  3. We golf! Well, I try to anyway :) Jon's family is a golfing family so I kind of had to get into it because they golf a lot.
    I'm quite awful, but I have a gorgeous green golf bag :)

  4. I think my dad wishes I golfed!

  5. aw honey. I know the feeling.. stuff every where. ... I don't golf.. but everyone else in my family does.. xo

  6. My father spent the first 15 years of my life trying to convince me to play golf. I resisted for alllll those years... and now I really wish I hadn't! No one told me you could drink BEER while you play...