Monday, February 2, 2009

De-Stress Me

I have the craziest week ahead so my posting may be few and far between. Or I may post a bunch as a way of procrastinating.

Either way, my stress levels are likely to be through the roof by the end of the week because I have tons and tons of stuff on my to do list. For starters, I have to go to North Carolina on Thursday for an internship meeting, so that is always stressful just because of the 5 hour drive there and back in a 24 hour period. It doesn't help that I have to have the ultimate final draft of my thesis ready by Thursday either. And my portfolio, so I can graduate. Plus all the reports I need to write this week. Okay, enough complaining.

After this week I am hoping to de-stress by doing something relaxing and/or good for my mental health. In my past (pre-internship/law school/bread winner) life I would have splurged for a massage or even a mani-pedi, but since we are on a tight budget and my mom isn't here to go with me (ahem...indulge her only daughter), I need some low cost ideas.

What do you do when you are stressed and need to unravel? Or do any DC gals know of some low cost places I may be able to hit up?


  1. A bubble bath. Or herbal tea. And time with my dogs is always a de-stresser. I'm sure Kona would like that remedy!

  2. Hmmm destressor... I will have to get back to you! In the meantime, if you find one let me know :-)

    You have to drive to NC for a meeting? Ugh that's so annoying! Stay safe please and good luck on your thesis! I bet you'll have some great blog posts as a follow-up to your week!


  3. Not sure of any good cheap places but if you do decide to go, I could definitely use a mani or pedicure and deserve one after torturing myself the past few weeks. Oh and not to mention my husband is gone all weekend for a law firm orientation. I could take you out for your birthday. That would be cheap and fun :)

  4. Bubble bath indeed. With Norah Jones and wine. HEAVEN! Good luck with everything - and have a safe drive!

  5. I have been trying to read your blog every spare chance I get (not too many this week, I am afraid!). It was so great meeting you - hope we get to chat more soon! Hang in there this week! :)

  6. De-Stressers! I know that's not a word, but anyway... continue on:

    I usually give myself a manicure, even though my right hand looks much more sloppier than my left (as I'm right-handed). But I don't care! I soak my hands in a little bowl, with hot water and nice smelling soap, so it's easy to remove all the gross stuff from my nails/skin and easy to file.

    Or, get a bubble bath with a few candles (orange flavored candles are awesome). Make sure you get The Body Shop bubble bath, instead of drug store brand. More bubbley the better!

    I dunno. I usually pluck my eyebrows, groom myself and actually use shaving cream in the shower, instead of razor/water, and lotion my body all up. Makes me feel prettier.

    Then put on some comfy clothes, slap on a movie and heat up some hot cocoa (and/or wine + snacks, like grapes, cheese, dips/etc) and you're set.


  7. I'm a big fan of the Botanical Gardens. It's free to get in and SO amazing. There are so many species of plants and flowers, it's amazing. It feels like you are in some sort of rainforest (not that I've been to a real one!) and I find it to be so calm and soothing. It's right by my office, so I keep meaning to go there during lunch, but that hasn't happened yet...soon though!

  8. You should go to the Virginia Wine Expo this Saturday and Sunday at the Dulles Expo Center. Wine always de-stresses me :) Plus, I have a coupon code if you want it!

  9. Hi! I know this is an older post but I just started reading your blog today. I recently moved away from DC and miss it almost every day! I'm not sure where exactly you live, but I used to go for great cheapy mani/pedis at Nails Foxy in Alexandria, off of King Street. And yes, I know the name makes no sense. It's just your typical cheapy nail place, but they do a great job.