Monday, April 11, 2011

Our first new piece for the house!

This past weekend we were back in NY. I had an interview at a non-profit on Friday, so we stayed for the weekend and tried to get some things done before the big move. The weekend was jam packed with activities....most notably furniture shopping!

We spent quite a bit of time roaming around the furniture store contemplating formal versus casual furniture. In the end we decided to go with something casual and comfortable because it fits the house style and our personalities. We chose this sectional (but decided against the ginormous ottoman):

In this darker brown color:

You can't really tell how dark the fabric is in this picture, but it really is a lot darker than the fabric on the sectional. Because we ordered a different color and are having the chaise and love seat parts reversed, it will take a few weeks to get it delivered, which actually works out perfectly with our closing and moving date. Yay! Now we need to choose a coffee table and end tables, as well as paint colors and an accent chair. I also plan to jazz up the sectional with patterned pillows and a blanket or two. Color suggestions?


  1. Love it!

    I'm so excited to start getting new furniture and paint and all that too! Keep me posted if you have any more tips!

    Has the house buying process been crazy stressful for you too?? Ours was so easy up until closing and now all of the sudden all of these little things keep coming up---I swear I'll be bald from tearing all my hair out by the time it's over!

  2. How exciting! It's the best part of a new house...filling it with fun things! Congrats, friend, I'm so excited for this next chapter for you and AJ!

  3. oh how fun! furnishing a new place is so exciting!

  4. Gorgeous furniture! I always love fun and a chance to start fresh :) Please share photos of the completed product!

  5. I love it! It looks pretty kid friendly as well. I love the style and that darker color.