Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Tidbits

  • Oops, looks like I gave the impression that it was our anniversary this past weekend. It is actually not until July....this was just a Valentine's Day outing. Sorry for the confusion!
  • Today was my first day back at work since the snow storms, but the kids still did not have school. When I heard the announcement that the kids would have another snow day I was so annoyed, but after driving to work this morning I understood why. I got stuck at the end of our street and had to do the reverse/drive rock until I finally was able to make the turn. Real fun. I also could not believe that people were honking and yelling at me. Clearly I was stuck! Boo on you impatient people. Once I made it onto the main roads, the commute wasn't too bad. The roads were pretty much all clear. The street my school is on is another story. There are literally no sidewalks shoveled in the neighborhood surrounding my school. It is awful. The kids would have to walk in the street, which is also narrowed because of the walls of snow lining each side. Very dangerous and very sad that the community is not out helping to get the sidewalks and crosswalks cleared. Maybe the kids will be back in school in April, once the snow melts. Ugh!
  • Yesterday I finished reading All Souls by Christine Schutt. Has anyone read this book? I picked it for my book club, which meets tonight, because it was the runner up for the Pulitzer Prize last year. I am really worried that everyone hated the book. Oops! Bad choice by me. I definitely agree with this one-minute review.
  • I think I heard that there is a blogger layout that allows you to have pages. I can't remember where I heard this, but I am pretty sure it wasn't in a dream. Can anyone clue me in on how to do this?
  • I got a Clarisonic Mia for Christmas and am still deciding how I feel about it. I haven't seen any positive changes in my complexion, but I guess going off the pill is probably mostly to blame for that. I am also not really sure how to go about using it. I have the cleanser that comes with the Mia, but do I wash my make-up off first and then use the cleanser and the Mia or do I just use the cleanser and the Mia or is there some other routine that I should be doing? Let me know how you like the Mia (or any other Clarisonic) and how you use it, please!


  1. I also am not seeing any results. I used the clenser it came with and now back to my normal cleanser. I usually wash my face like normal to get off any excess dirt and then use Mia before rinsing. does that make sense? I often wonder if I'm using it wrong. All these miracle products never seem to work on me!

  2. Blogger pages can be found next to "Edit Posts" in your blogger account :) I just added a couple pages and I'm happy with them!

    Also, can't believe people were honking at you when you were clearly stuck?!! How rude!

  3. Whoa Freck's comment brings new information to me! YAY!

  4. I can't believe how many snow days you've had. That's crazy! Will you have to make up all those days at the end of the year? Also, how rude that those people were honking. So inconsiderate!

  5. wordpress has pages... not sure if those kind of pages are what you're looking for.

  6. I am soooo over winter!

  7. the pages can be found in the same tab as your "edit posts."

    & getting stuck in snow is the absolute worst! how many days do you guys have tacked onto the end of the school year now?

  8. DC is totally NOT equipped for that much snow. Not at all! I don't know about that face thing. Sorry. I asked Ms. Mindless about your awesome hair. She only sung your praises because you are just THAT AWESOME!

  9. I love my mia. I have noticed that my skin is much smoother and I feel like my toner/lotion go on much better, as does my make up.

  10. I have gotten stuck in this snow way too many times. So happy it finally started melting a bit today!

  11. I've heard that it can take a few weeks to see a difference with the Clarisonic!

  12. Okay. Here is the lowdown on the Clarisonic! I LOVE MINE! This is what I do.

    Remove your eye makeup first (with a cloth and/or eye make up remover) Just the eyes.

    Don't take your foundation off. This is where the brush works it's magic!

    I don't use the cleansing system that comes with the brush. I use Arbonne Re9 cleanser or Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash. They are pricey but work sooo well.

    I wet the brush with HOT water and let it cool for a moment (and the brush is not on). I actually squirt some of the cleanser on the brush. I turn it on and start with my forehead. You will see the makeup (brown) on the brush. I finish that area and rinse the brush a bit then I go to the cheeks, nose, chin, jaw bone...and finally the neck. You may run out of time and have to start the brush over too. Make sure you have some suds still on your brush. If you don't, add a little more cleanser.

    Don't scrub (press hard) with the brush. It's the sonic waves that cleanses your face. When moving the brush about your face, go in small circles and just enough for you to feel the vibration on your face. You will ruin the brush head if you dig into your face!!! Make sure you do the neck. I also suggest the tops of your hands...fights age spots. If you have any probs with breakouts on your chest, you can extend cleansing to the chest. Works wonders.

    I continue to cleanse my face until the water on my face runs clear and the suds are not makeup tinted. I have to rinse the brush several times. I always do the long, extended cleansing at night. I sometimes use it in the mornings in the shower for a light, faster cleansing and especially when I have dry skin. As soon as you get out of the shower or cleanse your face, pat your face dry (no rubbing) and put your moisturizer on right then. It soaks in better and you will feel the smoothness.

    I hope that helps. I babbled on. But the brush is amazing for me!!! Also, what kind of brush heads are you using? I have the regular clarisonic so I'm not sure they are the same!!! I am currently using the sensitive skin brush head!!!