Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Tidbits

Life. Is. Crazy.

Luckily it is mostly in a good way! I seriously feel like I haven't sat down and relaxed all week though. I am looking forward to this weekend so I can veg. So since the last time I posted, here is what's been going on...
  • AJ had a moot court competition all day Saturday. He did really well and advanced to the next round and made the moot court board! He will be competing again this coming Saturday. This means I have the afternoon to myself to do girly things like paint my nails and watch chick flicks. Score!
  • I was asked to help coach the cheer and dance teams at my school. We are planning on having 3 teams.... 3rd - 5th cheer, 3rd - 5th dance, and 6th - 7th cheer/dance. It is a lot of fun working with the girls, but is also quite the experience (as it always is working in this district!). We have had an after school clinic every day this week and today are the official tryouts. During the clinic I worked some muscles that I haven't since college, and needless to say I was SUPER sore.
  • I officially work from dark to dark now. It is pitch black when I leave the house at 6:53 AM and now that I am staying late to help with cheer & dance, it is dark by the time I get home. I am pretty sure DST ending (Thanks MS) isn't going to help much in the mornings either because it will still be dark when I get up. Boo.
  • I had a book club meeting Tuesday night and only had wine for dinner. Oops.
  • Two of my friends that I worked with for 3 summers at autism camp (they met at camp and got married in 2006) revealed that they are pregnant. I am SO happy for them, but I still can't stop thinking about how I wish I were pregnant too.
  • I started Christmas shopping this week. I have picked up a few gifts here and there over the past year (if I see something for someone I will order it and put it away for Christmas), but the official shopping has just begun. I even started a spreadsheet! The UPS man is going to be my new best friend.
  • I decided to take a Twitter break last Tuesday. It has been over a week since I last posted or visited the website and I do not miss it as much as I thought I would. Sure, I still have moments when I think oh, that thought is a good tweet, but is just a distraction I don't need or want right now. I may decide to come back and post things sporadically, but for now...I am still on a break.
  • I have been using the phone a lot more lately. I am usally not a phone talker, but I have been doing a lot of catching up with family and friends and it is really nice getting back in touch with people.
  • I am not a big Halloween person and do not plan on dressing up or going to any parties. I know AJ will be drained after his competition, so we will likely just open a bottle of wine, answer the door for trick or treaters, and watch the Yankees game. Lame? Maybe. But this is my life now and I love it.
  • As you may have noticed by the time stamp on this post, I am posting during my lunch break at school. My blog is blocked by our network (as P*rn!) because of my BC post, but I figured out a way to go through blogger and publish posts. Yay!


  1. Busy lady!! Glad to hear it's all good stuff though. Those kiddies must be a handful. Congrats to AJ! I'm with you on Halloween, I'm pretty sure TBF and I will just be vegging and relaxing. So excited that tomorrow is Friday!!

  2. You are one busy lady! I'm totally not into Halloween or dressing up's for kids and I'll make it special for our son and we made sure to get good candy for all the kids around here!
    Sounds like you will have a nice weekend to veg and relax - enjoy it!
    Hope all is well and take care!

  3. i find it mildly hilarious that your blog is considered porn because of a post about birth control.
    glad to hear you're keeping busy. i've been debating going back to cheer coaching as well... mostly i'm afraid of getting back into that kind of shape and how much it's going to hurt to get there

  4. Don't be sad - it'll happen in time :)

    I'm not a Halloween person either, and I'm so glad we have a wedding Saturday night to attend instead. Plus it's black tie- even more fun!!!

  5. the whole pregnancy thing is something i felt when my best friend got engaged (not the same i know) but i cried because i was so jealous. and then cried because i felt bad for being jealous!! women - pshht! :)

    and yay on figuring out how to post from work. more time wasting !!

  6. Aren't all our blogs going to be labeled as p*rn someday

  7. This blog is definitely full of porn haha. Don't feel bad about the pregnancy thing. I have so many friends and coworkers that are pregnant. I really don't want a baby right this second, but I can't help but feel envious of people that are preggers! And the worst part is, like a year after you get married all people do is ask you when you are going to have a baby. Uhh!

  8. I have to admit, I have had less than excited feelings about people I love telling me they are pregnant a few times over the past little while. You're not alone on that one :).

  9. I totally get being jealous then being upset for being jealous. That happened every time one of my friends got a job and I was still unemployed, I always come to my senses quickly too.

    Glad things are crazy in a good way!

  10. Sounds like you've been extremely busy! Congrats to Alson for making the moot board, that's awesome!

  11. Just started following your blog and I love it!! I think we all feel jealous when we want something in our lives, but yet it is happening all around us. Totally normal.

  12. I remember that jealousy feeling when you find out someone is pregnant. I think it gets easier, though, especially when you have a time frame for yourself.

    Email me your question! I'm curious :)

  13. lady! you have been busy!!
    i hope you have a great weekend :)

  14. I understand what you mean about the pregnancy thing. I have not actually cried about a friend getting pregnant (yet)- but I have definitely felt jealous. and i don't even want to be pregnant yet! It is so weird.

  15. I totally know what you mean about the whole pregnancy thing. Ugh. I have a friend who is likely pregnant now (she's been trying) and I am SO not excited about it AT ALL. It doesn't help that SHE doesn't seem excited about it either...whereas if now was the right time, I would TOTALLY be sexing it up and trying to get knocked up. HA! And I would be THRILLED. Instead I am annoyed at her, and then annoyed at myself for being annoyed with her. Why the face?

  16. How fun to be coaching the girls-I am sure you will have some great stories to share!

    I hate getting up when it is dark. Just feels unnatural! But sometimes it has to be done.

  17. Congrats to AJ! That is a great accomplishment!

    And enjoy your twitter break, sounds like you are doing lots of great reconnecting without it!