Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving Weekend (And Before and After) Recap

Sometimes life is so crazy there is no time for blogging. It is sad, because the crazy times are usually the ones when I have the most to write about. Somehow that always falls by the wayside.

A brief recap is all I can muster right now, so here is what I have been up to for the last couple weeks....

I flew to NY on the 17th and had an interview on the 18th. I flew back after the interview, finished out the work week, and spent our last weekend in DC hanging with friends. On Friday night we had margaritas with Miss Mindless, the speech therapist at my school, and their husbands. On Saturday we had dinner in Annapolis with our close group of friends. On Sunday we visited a few wineries in Virginia.

Last week was spent packing up our house and getting our life in DC wrapped up. My mom drove down that Monday and was a huge help in getting our house packed. She and I then drove up to NY on Thursday night because I had an interview at 8:15 on Friday morning. That interview was a call back for the district I interviewed with the previous week. It actually ended up being two interviews; one with an administrative committee and one with the superintendent. I then drove about an hour away to another interview for a position in a different district. To say I was tired when I returned home is an understatement. AJ drove up to NY in our car that afternoon and arrived in NY at dinner time. Our moving truck arrived a few hours later. We spent the weekend unpacking and organizing our house. It's not completely done, but we've made a good dent in the boxes and the house is starting to look like our home. Oh, and did I mention that AJ started studying for the bar last week? Needless to say, life has been CRAZY.

Today I drove down to Maryland and am staying with our friends for the remainder of the school year. I'm so lucky that I have great friends that will let me crash for three weeks. I would not survive if I had to stay in a hotel or sublet an apartment for a month. I obviously wish I was back at home with my husband and dog, but being with friends is better than being alone right now.

AJ is coming down on Friday and we are going to the Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown Band concert on Saturday. Next weekend is my birthday and then the weekend after that I will be home for good and hopefully will be able to take a moment and just relax!


  1. You are so busy, wow! I can't imagine how tired you must be feeling! I'm so glad that you have trusted friends to crash with and hang out!

  2. Holy moly girlfriend! Where in the World is J?! I hope the next 3 weeks flies by for you! Keep me posted on if you get one of the jobs, although I'm positive you'll get both :)

  3. Wow! You are busy! Good luck with all of the interviews and keep us posted!

  4. You are busy busy! Good luck with everything, especially to AJ. I know how tough studying for the bar can be!

  5. You sound super busy! I got tired just reading about all your interviewing!

    Hope you get some time to relax soon.

  6. Good gravy, you are crazy-busy, what a hectic series of days! I just got caught up on everything happening the last six weeks, I hadn't realized *all* of the stuff going on. I'm so glad you are making the move, and know that you will get one of the jobs you want, but imagine it is more-than-stressful during the process.

    Please know I hold yo close in my thoughts and prayers, and send hugs your way.

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