Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

Yesterday I guest blogged for Rebecca at I Want to be a Domestic Goddess for her Holiday Gift Guide Series. We were asked to choose a few items under $50 dollars as well as a splurge item. Since I am obviously having trouble coming up with posts, I figured I would share my picks with you all as well!

These slippers look so warm and cozy. But honestly, most slippers look warm and cozy, right? What makes these slippers different are the bright, contrasting colors. They are so fun! I think the Green Tea slippers would really help to jazz up my pajamas! (P.S. You can get free shipping at LL Bean through December 20th!)

Personalized Clairebella Phone Case $52

This iPhone or BlackBerry case is perfect for anyone that loves to monogram everything they own. Not that I know anything about that. Ahem. There are lots of pretty patterns and color choices to choose from, making this an awesome way to personalize your phone. I would choose the Black Damask print and get Script font in Lime!

Ballard Designs Custom Stamp $40

This custom stamp from Ballard Designs is just what I need since we are planning to move soon. It can’t be ordered for me quite yet because we won’t be buying a house until the spring (and obviously don’t have an address yet), but it is definitely on my wish list. I love the classic look of the Wallace stamp. If the font and design aren’t exactly what you are looking for, you can check out the other designs Ballard offers.

Additional Custom Stamp Ink $12

An extra ink pad is the obvious companion gift for the custom stamp! While the black ink that is included with the stamp is perfect for daily use, sometimes you just need to shake things up with some color! I would go with Lime (which is obviously a favorite color of mine!) or maybe Grapefruit Pink.

Damask 16 piece Dinnerware Set from Target $49.99

These dishes would be a great addition to my current dinnerware collection. The damask print is so pretty and would be perfect for a dinner party. I would probably get a lot of every day use out of them too, just because the pattern is so fun!

Splurge Items

Before our wedding my husband bought me a Canon Rebel. I love the camera and use it often, but I would love to splurge on a bigger lens, a bag, and some photography classes. I like taking portraits, so the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras would be perfect!

I also would love a Kelly Moore Bag to carry around all my camera stuff. I have my eye on the Kelly Moore Classic Bag in Grey. It is both pretty and functional!


  1. I lovvvve damask & all hings personalized. Great choices! Hope some of these make their way under your tree. :)

  2. Fun choices! I looooove the green moccasins!

  3. Great finds, I am thinking about the moccasins for a gift and I want the dishes and stamp for me haha!

  4. Ooohhh I love all of these things!

  5. I just bought myself the stamper and i added the slippers to my dear Ken list for xmas.. thank you for the idea.. love you xo

  6. I had cell phone case and I NEVER used it! Maybe Gooner took it an ate it when she was younger? I love the slippers though! Mine are breaking and I might need a new pair before the season is over!

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