Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun Little Saturday

Yesterday we headed out to Alexandria to have Kona groomed at PetSmart. We had time to kill so we headed to Target and TJ Maxx to buy some snow gear for our upcoming ski weekend. It started out as a serious shopping trip and progressively got more ridiculous.

First we hit up the boots section of Target. I have small feet and can usually fit into the largest kid's size, so I checked them out first since they are usually cheaper. I found a cute pair that fit really well. I didn't get an up close picture and they aren't on the Target website, but they are dark brown with light pink trim. I really liked them!

We then headed to the girls' section to check out snow pants. They didn't have any in the women's section! As soon as we saw these pants we knew I had to have them. If I am going to attempt to ski I might as well go all out, right? Plus they were only $17!

We then found the matching jacket. Awesome, no? I would have bought the jacket just to make the ensemble complete, but it was $35 and I don't NEED it. Sad.

I ended up not getting the boots because the pants have black in them and I don't want to mix black and brown. (But I will wear ridiculous plaid snow pants...crazy I know). I'm now on the lookout for cute black boots!

Next we headed to TJ Maxx where AJ found this amazing hat set. I almost died of laughter in the middle of the store. I think he would scare the children on the ski slope, so we opted to not buy the hat.

I'm not sure what got into us yesterday, but we were so silly and ridiculous. It sure was fun though!


  1. Too funny! I bought similar pants for our group ski weekend two years ago. I figure the crazier the better. That being said, I HATED skiing, so I haven't worn them since. Doh!

  2. Please promptly return to TJMaxx and purchase that hat for AJ for his Christmas stocking!! I think it's HILARIOUS and he should totally have face protection when he goes out and shovels, rides the metro, purchases gas, etc., no? :)

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful day together!

  3. Your outfit is cracking me up :) And I cannot believe you can fit into kids shoes. Crazy girl! I wear 11's :)

  4. Amazing! I am really sad that you didn't get the jacket too, because it is a killer outfit. And seriously? Kid shoes? Kid clothes? Lucky girl!

  5. Could you look any cuter in the snow separates? You must go back and get the jacket, it is too darling on you.

    Sending you a smile,