Monday, November 23, 2009

A Mouse Interrupts the Weekend Recap

Woo hoo! It's the best Monday of the year! Only one more day of work this week and it's the weekend again! Our weekend flew by so I am looking forward to some more relaxation time over the long weekend.

A few highlights.....

I went to a New Moon party hosted by Miss Mindless. She and her friend went all out and it was such a blast! I made AJ come with me too. Don't worry, he and Mr. Mindless (haha, I bet he won't like that nickname) had fun together. They even participated in the games. Later that night we all went to see New Moon. Obviously I loved it!

I went to a Wii Fit Plus party hosted by La Petite Chic on Sunday morning. It was so much fun! I love the new features of Wii Fit Plus and as always, Brand About Town put on an awesome party.

I was going to post more details, but there is a mouse running around our living room and I just can't focus!! Gross! We have had mouse traps set up for weeks and we can't catch this stupid mouse. Grrrr. Anyone have any secret mouse trapping tricks?

Back to screaming and standing on the back of the couch!


  1. eek - mouse??? i would not deal with that well!!

  2. my grandmother used peanut butter to catch the house that moved into her house a few years ago!

  3. yuck, mice!! my husband set humane traps a couple years ago when we had a mouse. I think you can get them at home depot, if memory serves me right. the cats, apparently, were of no use!

  4. Yikes! Our apartment is in the basement of a farm house we have encounters with those little critters on fairly regular basis. Ick. They like peanut butter on the traps.

  5. my advice - you don't want to trap it. you want to kill it. in fact you want to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible... you also probably don't want to learn too much about how much and how fast they reproduce, you won't be able to sleep at night.
    my advice is get D-Con pellet wedges, place them everywhere you can and wait a few days.
    i consider myself an unprofessional expert on mouse-in-the-house... i used to live in VERY old buildings.
    good luck girl!

  6. a mouse?!?! no way! i would've freaked out!!

    you had one busy weekend girly! sounds like it was a lot of fun though :)

    p.s. hope you have a great thanksgiving hun!!

  7. oh honey, I am so sorry!! WE just had an exterminator here and a rat died in our heating vent. I am dying. it came in through the ground apparently and i couldn't be more furious, be grateful for that little mouse.. xoxo