Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I briefly glanced at the headline of this article on people.com when the following conversation ensued....

Me: What! Sarah Jessica Parker is pregnant with twins?!
AJ: No, a surrogate is pregnant with her twins.
Me: Ummmm, how do you know this, but I don't?
AJ: I'm not working or doing anything all day. I know these things now!

OMG. Luckily he starts his summer job on Monday!


  1. Ahahaha, it's always funny when the guys know their celebrity gossip ahead of when we do. Well, sometimes funny, sometimes scary. Always cute, though.

  2. ha!! He can come visit me at the store! :) OR he can learn to play chess (my word verification...) :)

  3. hopefully he saw it on the Today Show... that's where i learned the news : )

  4. that's too cute!

    I'm usually the one telling my husband that stuff

  5. My husband always rolls his eyes when I share a celebrity gossip tidbit, but I've caught him working those items into conversations on many occasions. They say they hate it, but deep down, they love gossip too!