Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Help Me, Please!

So as we all know, I am in the process of applying for jobs. This is the first time I have ever done this (well...for a "real" job), so I am kind of unsure of the process. Needless to say, I need your tips!

I applied for job #1 back in April, and was informed that I would be notified of the status of my application within 10 business days. I love a time line! On business day 10, they emailed me to say they wanted to set up a phone interview. I had the phone interview two days later, and was informed that I made it through to the next step, and that the central office would be in touch in 2-4 weeks to set up a panel interview. It has been almost 2 weeks, so should I wait it out or should I contact them at some point? If I do contact them, should I email or call? I don't have the email or number of anyone to contact, so I would probably email/call the HR office.

(These questions apply to the next two situations as well)

I applied for two other jobs at two different districts in the last two weeks. Neither district has any time line information on their website.

For job #2 I had to mail my stuff (resume & cover letter) to the psychological services office AND had to email the same stuff to the HR office. I did this on the 23rd. Is this long enough for them to process my application? Have they forgotten about me?

For job #3, I applied online two days ago. I know it is obviously really soon, but I am just wondering (again) at what point I should contact them.

Thanks for your help in advance!


  1. My experience is that if you don't hear anything, you have your answer. Many times you get the obligatory auto-reply (thank you for submission) and then that's it. This last go-around for me before we moved to Chicago I sent out about 12 resumes and CVs and got about two "not hiring at this time" and the rest (with the exception of my current job!) didn't send/call anything.

    But we're in different industries - so there may be different protocols with your line of work.

    Good luck!!

  2. Job #1 - if they said 2-4wks, give them that long before contacting them. but feel free to call the HR dept or email the hiring mgr on that 4wk mark if you haven't heard a peep

    Job #2 - it's been just shy of 2 wks, i wouldn't stress. maybe monday shoot an email to HR "just to make sure they received your application info". they'll give you an idea then of what timelines they're working on (at least they should)

    Job #3 - give them a couple of weeks, do the same as above.

    every industry is different but right now so many people are moving slow on filling positions for a myriad of reasons, #1 being they're getting more applications than ever before and it takes that much longer to go through them all and narrow it down to who they want to speak to.

    good luck and no matter what happens with these 3 keep up the applications and don't stop putting them out there until you have an offer in front of you! sounds like you've got a good chance at job #1!!

  3. Oh man, I don't have much advice but I feel for you. Thank the lord I got the job where I interned b/c even that was too stressful for me.

  4. I agree with notsojenny. I feel your pain about applying for jobs and not hearing anything...

  5. I wish I had some words of wisdom...

    Good luck!

  6. I feel you. I have nothing to offer expect that we will get jobs! We must!

  7. I have worked in two different industries, both different than the one you're in, but my suggestion on job #1 to wait it out until the end of their timeline to contact them; for job #2, if you haven't heard from them, I would probably give them a call this week and say I was checking to see if they had everything they needed for my application and whatnot, and see what kind of an answer you get. Job #3, its probably too soon, I'd wait a week and see what happens. That's just me though.

    Good luck!

  8. i think there's no problem with following up. let them know you're interested and you're just making sure they're not waiting on you for something. i think waiting around is the worst thing you can do - you want to show you're interested! :) good luck!

  9. Like everyone before me said, it all depends on the industry. I'm in media, so you generally don't even get a "we have received your resume!" notification.

    At the two-week mark, I would try to follow up via e-mail. Most HR people I've dealt with hate when people call. Because when you call out of the blue, they have no idea who you are or what you applied for. So they really can't give you much useful information. I find an e-mail is the subtlest way to get in touch without being irritating.

    If you receive no response to the second e-mail, it's probably a given that you didn't get it, but you certainly won't hurt anyone by sending a final e-mail at the 4-week mark. The more people see your name, the more likely they are to send you SOME kind of response.

  10. I have never applied to school-based jobs, but for #1 I think it's okay to put out a "soft" ask, like ..just wanted to check in on where you on in the process and let yuo know I am still very much interested.

    For #2...I'd give it at least 10-14 days. Again, I don't know what is normal in your industry.

    In this economy, every job posting is getting ZILLIONS of applicants - you have to gently separate yourself from the pack!

  11. If they gave you a timeline, wait until that amount of time has passed. Then there is no reason to not give a friendly call to say you wanted to check on the status of your application. If they didn't give you a timeline, I always think waiting 2 weeks and then giving that friendly call to check is appropriate. It shows you're interested without being annoying. I'd never just sit and wait around if you keep not hearing anything.