Monday, March 16, 2009

No Talking, Please

Sometimes I like not talking.

It's kind of like a mood. A no-talking mood I guess.

This should not be confused with a no-communicating mood, however. When I am in a no-talking mood, I will still text (or g-chat, or BB messenger) others (usually Alson) to discuss what I don't feel like saying. Most times we are discussing things that aren't very important. For example, last night Alson and I were BB messenging about an episode of NCIS we were watching.

Me: Who is that guy?
Him: He works at the Pentagon.
Me: Oh yeah, now I remember.

Yes, it would probaby be quicker to just talk, but I don't want to. And Alson understands this. Back in college my roommates and I used to IM each other from across the room or hall instead of talking, so I guess I have a history of this behavior.

Does anyone else do this?


  1. That is hilarious... I definitely get into No Talking mode. I am QUEEN of the text message... sometimes it's just all I can handle, yanno?

    And you BETTER be there tomorrow, girlie! :-)

  2. Roommate and I often text from our bedrooms on weekend mornings to discuss if we are going to get up and cook or just go get bagels. We also will sit next to each other with our laptops and gchat. I understand completely :)

  3. I do this with my sister :)

  4. I actually do, do this. I sometimes feel like not talking also. I don't think I've sat next to someone and BB message'd them though lol.

  5. I have a rule: no talking before 9:30 AM. this is hard because I start work at 9, but sometimes I just need a little bit of quiet time in the morning.