Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cable Woahs

This past week we finally subscribed to digital cable. No more stone age for us!

We were previously paying $18 a month for basic cable, but back when we moved in, the cable guy apparently didn't put a trap on our cord so we were actually getting a whole lot of cable for the cheaper price. I always thought our cable was super cheap, but didn't question it.

Anyway, Alson has been asking for HDTV since we first got our TV, so for his birthday my parents decided to indulge him with a year's subscription. When the cable guy came the other day, he realized the previous glitch and took all our good cable away. We didn't have TBS, TNT, USA, or Bravo, which are the four channels I watch on a regular basis. I wanted to die! Luckily my mom felt my pain (we love the same shows and channels) so my parents have agreed to pay for digital cable while we are both still in school and until I find a job. Thanks mom and dad, we love you! (Speaking of my parents, happy 25th anniversary!!)

I love being able to see what we are watching, all the On Demand options (including the 30 Day Shred! and a bunch of other awesome workouts), and the super clear picture.

The only problem with this lovely scenario....the GINORMOUS cable box that is misplaced in our small apartment. Our TV is hanging on the wall and we have a small shelf that holds our DVD player, Wii, and another electronic thing that switches between inputs (I don't know what it is called?), but the box didn't fit on that shelf. There is literally no other place for the box than on a side table in front of one of our bookcases, but it just looks so out of place! It is kind of stressing me out and makes me want to cancel the digital cable and go back to dark ages. Okay, not really, but it is annoying that it has to be so huge! Doesn't Comcast know this is DC and space is limited?? What gives!


  1. I hated the Comcast box for that very reason. We have a really large entertainment stand.

    See here:


    The Comcast box was TOO wide for it.

    We ended up going back to the Dark Ages, and I love it. It's personal preference, though, and I do find myself missing some things, but for the most part, I'm happy. :-)

  2. once i went to digital i knew i could never go back. even when i go to visit my family it drives me INSANE! how do you know what you're watching?! how do you know what's going to be on later?!

    anyway, can you put the box on that stand and put your DVD player or Wii on top of it? i used to keep my HTIB ontop of my cable box... it won't cause any problems if you stack it.

  3. More than that, it's 2009. Can't they find a way to make the box smaller? If I can put 4-5 hours of music on an ipod no bigger than a quarter, surely they could somehow consolidate the box.

  4. I am glad you at least got your channels back ;)

    We just got a new TV (actually a very late Xmas present) and it takes up way less room than our old one. So nice! I hope you can figure something out