Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Wedding Day...In Pictures

I have finally sat down and picked out a few (okay maybe more than a few) of my favorite wedding pictures. So without further ado.....

Getting laced up

Hard at work

The chapel

Arriving at the chapel (the rain stopped!)
Peeking into the sanctuary
About to walk down the aisle with my dad
The give away
My aunt and uncle singing the Lord's Prayer (they sang a duet before the ceremony as well, and also sang at my parent's wedding 25 years ago!)
Relaxing after the ceremony
So happy!
The girls (look at that blue sky!)
The boys (my brother, of course, is not looking at the camera...making this picture perfect. He always does that!)
The Carolina Hotel
Arriving at the hotel
Wasting time before our introduction
First dance
Dancing with my dad
Somehow the flower girl got a hold of a bouquet
Our families (No...our mom's did not plan to wear the same color, and we did not plan to symbolize our union by sitting in front of each others family)
Dancing with my grandpa
Enjoying the rock concert
Our beautiful cake
Our rings
Last shot of the night
Such a wonderful day! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

All photos: Courtney Gray


  1. These are amazing! You look beautiful - I really love the train on your dress. Don't you just want to plaster every square inch of your walls with these photos?!

  2. They are absolutely stunning!! I especially love the bubbles picture and the first dance picture. You made a gorgeous bride :)

  3. Love love love these photos! Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Everything looks like it came together beautifully!


  4. Beautiful pictures and even more beautiful bride!

  5. love the ring shot! you look so happy in all the photos!

  6. So beautiful! I love your bridesmaid dresses and your dress was gorgeous. The back was amazing. Such romantic pictures and it totally looks like you had the perfect day! Congrats!

  7. question: where are the strapless green dresses from? they're beautiful!

  8. Wow, you pictures are amazing. I love the colors and you look so very stunning yourself. My favorite picture has to be the one "last shot of the night" it's beautiful!