Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Blurbs

While writing this post, I realized that I had lot of things I want to share. I tried to keep each event short and limited myself to one picture per blurb so that I (hopefully) don't bore everyone to death.

Here are the highlights of my summer!

We celebrated our second anniversary on July 5th. We attended the wedding of one of AJ's college roommates that weekend, so we couldn't do a big anniversary getaway. However, it all worked out in the sense that the wedding was an excuse to get a hotel room and get out of my parent's house for a couple days. Here we are at the reception, which was held at a beautiful country club in Rochester:

Instead of a vacation, we went wine trailing down Cayuga Lake on our way back from the wedding. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun tasting wines at a bunch of different wineries. I think we came home with 12 bottles. Oops!

AJ and I ran in a 5k the second weekend of July. I finished in 31:15. It was so humid and I wanted to die during the last mile, but I ran the whole time so I guess that isn't too bad. I was hoping to be under 30 minutes, but in the end I was just happy I didn't come in last place!

I successfully hosted a bridal shower and attended the wedding of one of my best friends. Her wedding was very unique and the trip to Charlotte was another mini-vacation for AJ and I. Here we are at the reception:

We also spent a few days here and there at my grandparent's cottage, which is on a small lake in Northern Pennsylvania. I love going to the lake because I feel like I have gone back in time when I am there. We play games, read, chat, swim, drink, and eat....and that is pretty much it. There is no TV, cell phones don't get service, and you are forced to relax. And honestly, how can you not relax with this view??

While at the lake, AJ also had his first experience holding and feeding a baby. My youngest cousin just turned one and we thought he should get some practice since we are hoping to have a baby sometime in the next year. I love this picture because he looks clueless and so scared. Hahaha, poor thing.

The first weekend of August my girlfriends and I road tripped down to Wrightsville Beach for a bachelorette weekend. It stormed on Friday, but we had beautiful beach weather on Saturday and had lots of fun both nights. This was my first girl's only trip and I really enjoyed myself!

I then spent a week staying with a friend in DC because I had to get in a few summer days at work and our renovation project was not (and still is not) completed. We had a nice time cooking together and I watched more trashy reality TV that week than I did all summer. It is so much more fun to watch while drinking wine with a girlfriend.

Last weekend I headed back to NY to pick up AJ and Kona. What happened that weekend deserves a post of its own! Don't you just love a cliffhanger?? (Unless we are Facebook friends...then you already know our news!)


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful summer. And have I told you lately that you're absolutely gorgeous? I haven't, & you are! <3

  2. Looks like you had a great summer! You and AJ are such a cute couple. Can't wait to hear the rest of the news!

  3. Welcome back! Your summer looks like soo much fun! My grandparents had a house on a lake in northern PA too - Your picture brings back such wonderful memories! :)

  4. I have "known" you for that long already? I remember waiting for you to post your wedding pictures!!

  5. Wowzer! What a busy summer! :) good for you girl!!

  6. What a fabulous summer! You and AJ are SO very pretty and photogenic. :)

  7. That first pic of the two of you is GORG!!! Glad to know you guys are doing well. Can't wait to welcome you into the parent club- it's a fun one!!

  8. I recalle the wineries of Cayuga forced my parents and their best friends to postpone the trip back to NJ from my law school graduation, not once - but twice! Love the pics - glad you had a nice summer.

  9. It sounds like you had an amazing summer! Your pictures are so pretty!

    I miss upstate - I never went to the wineries when we were living up there, do you have any recommendations?