Friday, August 20, 2010

Lunch Convo

While AJ is finishing a tall Miller Lite and eating Wild (aka super hot) wings at Buffalo Wild Wings at 11:30 AM, the following conversation ensued:

J: Are you going to be drunk before noon?

A: Only if I have another one of these. But, probably not. The hotness kills the alcohol.

J: Oh really? Is that how it works?

A: Yes, it's science. Plus, I'm on vacation, I'm allowed to be drunk before noon.


  1. This is true. The rules of decency do not apply on vacation. :)

  2. This is kind of amazing. And also, when I read it I was at work talking to Matt on gchat and I instantly started craving b dubs! I told Matt that we should go there when he gets home. :) YUM.