Thursday, March 25, 2010


I had a rough couple of days last week. It was most notably awful because I received notice that our department might need to make cuts (dun dun dun) and I am one of the people that could be layed off since I have only worked in the district for one year (my internship year doesn't count because I wasn't part of the union last year). It makes me so angry that the cuts are NOT based on performance and instead are based on date of hire. Alas, that is the case and they aren't going to be changing the procedure anytime soon. I am trying to stay positive and not let future lay offs rule my thoughts, so what better way to avoid those thoughts than by listing out a few things that have me smiling lately!

Last weekend the weather was beautiful and spending time outside with my little family and our neighbors really helped lift my spirits. We spent a ton of time gardening, weeding, walking, and barbecuing and look forward to doing these things a lot more in the coming weeks. This weekend will be a little cooler, but it is supposed to stay dry so that is good enough for me. We might venture down to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms or we might just enjoy the weather in our own backyard. We'll see.

Spring break begins tomorrow. The kids were itching for a vacation so I am hoping they enjoy the time off and come back refreshed and ready to finish out the school year strong! I am still working through Wednesday, but no kids means I can catch up on reports and paperwork. I hate doing desk work during the school day when there are other things that I can be doing with the kids. Needless to say, the paperwork piles up quick! With this break, I'll be all caught up in no time.

Today I won this super cute lunch bag from the Preppy Princess! I'm taking this as a sign that I will still have a job to which I will need to bring my lunch.

And of course my loving husband, snuggly puppy, supportive parents, and amazing friends keep me smiling. Without them I wouldn't have made it through this week! Thank you all so much.

What is making you smile lately? Anything you share will be greatly appreciated!


  1. It's a pretty rough climate out there for everyone, especially the educational system, but things will all fall into place! I say little prayers for all the people looking for a job or hoping to hold onto their jobs, so I'll add you to my list!

    Right now the weather warming up, Easter weekend with family, and the old man (like 80-something?!) this morning outside of the hospital who said a cheerful "Hello!" and offered to walk me to my car, and rocking out to old-school Usher songs have me smiling!

  2. Keep thinking positively! Our county always threatens to lose positions but thankfully, it's never happen. Best of luck!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about layoffs - hang in there. I hope you make it through!

    Things making me happy: sunny days, drinks on patios after work, my bangs, planning a trip home & a trip to California, writing snail mail letters to my friends, the new delicious salad I discovered, looking forward to sleeping in this weekend...

  4. I am in your same boat, our law office is super slow and I am the low man on the totum pole. I just hope they don't lay me off until after the wedding. I know God has a bigger plan for me and I just have the attitude that worrying about it won't change anything. Sure it sucks, but I can't control it.

  5. That stinks about the cuts...when I was teaching I always thought someone's job and raise should be based on performance. They could get rid of A LOT of pretty bad teachers that way...
    NYC starts Spring Break today too! Love it!

  6. Sorry to hear this, I have had this situation happen to me for a few years now, where layoffs are threatened. Knock on wood, nothing has hapened yet. Keep thinking positively! On a happy note, my name is also Jackie and I am also a northerner. I am LOVING your blog title. Following now! Check out my blog if you can :)

  7. What made me smile? My walk with you and knowing that we have a many more planned.. by wednesday it is going to get up to 80 so let's make sure we get outside. if that should make us definately a little happier xoxo

  8. congrats on winning the bag! maybe it's a sign of more good fortune! enjoy!

  9. I'm sorry; this is so stinky! I really hope that you get to keep your job! I'm hoping everything works out! The weather is SO BEAUTIFUL and it is after Wednesday so you should be all ready to enjoy your spring break!

  10. things that are making me happy:

    gorgeous spring weather and playing in the sunshine. snuggling with the puppies. making (then eating) new recipes from my tyler florence cookbook.

    keep your chin up.