Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More School Stuff

It was very interesting to read your reactions to my last post. A few people mentioned that the activity would have been correct if the greatest number was on the far right, but unfortunately that wasn't how she was writing the numbers. Since almost everyone said they would want to know if they made a mistake, I talked to the teacher and she confirmed that it was just a careless error. She didn't seem too upset so I am glad I said something. I love that there are so many teachers that read my blog. The insight you provide is priceless!

And now for a happier anecdote....

While observing a Kindergarten class, I watched two kids working together to make a construction paper card for their teacher. One student was helping another student to spell their teacher's name. It was so cute how the little girl kept running back and forth between the word wall and their table to deliver each letter. What was absolutely precious though, was that the card said:

"Four Ms. Cotman"


  1. kids are so precious ! They make me laugh each day and i keep with me a notepas where i consign the funny think or words they say ...

  2. I love it! That's so cute. When I did a placement in a grade 1 class a few years ago, the kids all made cards for me when I left. I still have them and one of my favorites was the one that said "Thank you for hulping us do are krekshuns" (translation: "Thank you for helping us do our corrections") So so so cute!

  3. Oh! There is nothing sweeter.

    Glad that teacher accepted the critique kindly! We teachers can get kind of isolated in our rooms, I think creating a positive work environment is so important. I think it's nice to hear any feedback at all! :)

  4. Glad that things worked out with the teacher! :) And you gotta love how sweet kids can be!

  5. Awe, this brightened my day! I love kids; they say the most wonderful things!

  6. Ah, saw the last post too late - glad you spoke with her! Like I said, totally never occurred to me that teachers get things wrong, too! Huh.

    I don't quite love kids, but man, do they do cute things!

  7. The innocence and pure sweetness (if that's a word) of children never ceases to amaze me, thanks for sharing the story with us all. :)

    I also enjoyed getting caught up on posts, that stack of games from the blizzard is impressive!

    Sending you a smile Miss Northerner!