Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Recent Steals

While my parents were visiting this past weekend, Alson and my dad went golfing while my mom and I went shopping. After my trip to North Carolina last week, I realized that I needed a graduation dress, so my mom offered to buy one for me.

We headed to Ann Taylor Loft because there is one right near our apartment, and boy did I hit the jackpot. They were having an amazing sale, so one graduation dress turned into three, plus shoes, and a work outfit.

The dress that I am actually planning to wear to graduation is not on the ATL website, but once I shower and pull myself together (definitely by tomorrow), I will post a picture of THE dress. Here are the two other dresses I bought:

To make the dresses work appropriate, I also bought three of these adorable cardigans in white, ivory, and lime green. As other bloggers have noted, they are amazing!

When we first walked into the store we saw this skirt on a mannequin. My mom forced me to try it on, and with a simple white shirt and the lime cardigan, it looked awesome! I am hoping to wear this outfit on the first day of school (staying positive that I WILL find a job).

I pulled these shoes into the dressing room to assist in the trying on process and decided that they went with ALL the dresses and I had to buy them as well. I may even go back and buy the gold pair too....if they go on sale, I mean.

All in all it was a pretty great shopping trip. We got 30% off everything and I got double reward points for putting it on my ATL card. My mom hasn't spoiled me in a while, so I don't feel too bad. I will send her a nice thank you card this week as well.

In other recent purchase news....

This morning I got an email from BR saying they were having a 30% off all New Arrivals sale, so I figured I would just look and see if there was anything I HAD to have.

I found these cute capri's at the Gap and decided I needed two pairs, one in stone and one in chocolate brown. They will be perfect for work, and at $18 were a steal!

I also found this T-shirt dress at Gap, which will be perfect for summer work days. They have many other colors, but I decided on the blue. Very ocean-y.

And last, but not least.... I found this dress at BR on sale (so I couldn't get the 30% off, boo). I am planning to wear it to one of the many weddings I will be attending this summer. Can't wait!

ATL is having a 25% off all dresses sale and the ON/GAP/BR 30% off New Arrivals sale runs through tomorrow!

**All pictures link to the product


  1. I loooove that first dress! Love love love love!

    I need to go spring shopping soon. My wardrobe is looking depressing!

  2. love love love your blog and LOVE that we have the same taste! :) daily follower!! !

  3. can't wait to see the other dress!

    i'm a sucker for a cardigan and while i'm kinda broke i may have to go check these out... love the skirt too!
    man, these kinds of shopping days are so refreshing... i think i need one (despite the fact that i'm heading to BR & Gap online right now : )

  4. Jackpot is right! I love that skirt - it's adorable. And the shoes, and the capris, and the tshirt dress!

  5. I guess I need to check out these cardigans!

  6. I haven't been shopping for so long because I've been trying to save money for Europe. But you'd better believe I'm spending that money in Europe and coming home with plenty of cute stuff.

  7. Love the dresses. I think ATL has some great options for the young professional. Always great when the rents pay :)

  8. You WILL find that job!! And you will wear something very similar to that OR that on the first day!! :D

    Omg and I HAVE that green cardigan sweater and just wore it for St Patty's day!!! Hahah!

  9. Loveee the second Ann Taylor dress :)

  10. I just love Ann Taylor Loft. I always find the best deals there! You found some really beautiful things :)

  11. I've gone back and forth on the gray BR dress for like a month now!!! I'm worried that the pattern will be too big for me... :(