Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Run-in With Scrooge

This afternoon I was sitting at a red light in NW DC while on my way home from work. On my right was a parked police car; two officers were standing beside the police car writing a ticket. One of the officers turned around and looked at me, so I gave a brief smile to acknowledge her. Next thing I know she is walking over to my driver side window. I roll down my window and she asks to see my license. She then tells me that it is a violation to wear a seat belt improperly.

Say what?

I had my seat belt on and buckled. However, instead of it cutting me across the neck, I had it tucked under my left arm. It basically hits me in all the same places, with the exception of my neck. I didn't know that this was against the law!

Well, apparently that doesn't matter. The officer wasn't feeling any holiday cheer. She wrote me a $50 ticket that tacks two points onto my license. I think a warning would have been appropriate. Especially since I have no tickets.

Thanks Scrooge, you ruined my day!


  1. I'm going with ridiculous. I cannot believe that!

  2. she was obviously just having a bad day... that stinks!
    you're not having very good luck with cars lately

  3. What the @#$%! Biatch police woman was clearly taking out some kind of angst on you. Boooo. I seriously would have given your smile and pleasant demeanor a warning. The nerve!! Hope she gets coal in her stocking, no joke.

  4. What! And after you'd smiled to be polite? That's not cool at all...


  5. That's ridiculous! I didn't know that was against the law either. And if you'd never had any tickets, she should have just given you a warning on something small like that. It's not like you didn't have it on, and I understand why they're anti-warnings on that one b/c everyone knows you have to wear it. I'd probably try to call someone and talk to them about it if it were me.

  6. Whoa, that's total garb. :( Fifty bucks? What a cranky ol' hag!