Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Officially an Outlaw

I was planning to post about my second run in with the law over the weekend, but I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Yes, that's right. I got ANOTHER ticket.

On Friday night I drove back from NC and was feeling less than fabulous after the school psychology Christmas party on Thursday night and a long internship meeting Friday morning. Luckily I made it back to DC safe and sound around 8 pm. Although Alson was home all evening following his 2nd final, he didn't check the mail until I got home. Smushed between a few catalogs and Christmas cards was a notice from the Metropolitan Police Department. According to the notice, there is a speed camera on New York Ave NE, a road that I drive twice a day, and it caught me going 48 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. Super, just what I needed to end a long and mostly terrible week.

Although I accept responsibility for speeding, I would like to provide an excuse: sooo many people speed on that road. I was just following the flow of traffic. I would feel better knowing that 3195301358 people also got tickets in the mail for doing the exact same thing that I did. UGH.

I have since been following speed limits and braking at yellow lights. Too bad for me, everyone else still drives like crazy people and I am the lone person (or one of the few people) following the laws. This makes me a target for lots of road rage. A honk, mouthed words I am glad I can't hear, a shaking fist, and/or finger are directed towards me once every few minutes. I wish I could put a sign in my window explaining my law abiding behavior, but I am pretty sure no one would see it as they fly by me going 50+ MPH.


  1. I've been being very careful lately too because I've had a bunch of friends get tickets lately.

  2. Those cameras suck! Dan got one in the mail recently and it was ridiculous - going 36 in a 25. Who in DC goes 25mph? For real.

    I would go to the DC DOT Web site and download the map that shows where the cameras are. Might be good to note the ones on your route.