Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Term

Thank you for all your comments, tweets, and emails. They helped me to get my head together and I am feeling much less anxious about labor and delivery. You all shared a lot of great strategies to help me manage my thoughts and fears both now and when I am in labor. I think I will be okay. Actually, I know I will be okay.

Our instructor shared this video with our child birth class on the last day, and if you haven't seen it...take a few minutes and watch it. It is so funny. One of the jokes....intellectuals go to child birth class to study things that people do naturally. Ha!


Today I am 37 weeks. Full term! I am still in awe that I have made it this far and can't believe that this baby can now come at any time. Our hospital bags are packed, everything is set in the nursery, we've got the car seat base in my car, the swing is taking up half our family room, and all her clothes are washed. I am hoping she makes her debut sooner, rather than later, but I have a feeling she's not in any hurry. Either way, we are ready!


  1. Tim and I watched the entire Bill Cosby skit before we had's hilarious!

    I'm so excited for you and A...such an exciting time!!!! Email/Tweet anytime...!!!!

  2. Oh congrats, I hope she comes early for you just becaue I hope that for myself! I see the baby is a she? Congrats. I wasn't worried about laborly until recently, I think it happens when you get close! Good luck, can't wait to see your updates.

  3. I'm so excited that this is happening! I pray that your labor experience is amazing, and it will be. Your body is so strong, you will be so blessed and full of love!

  4. I remember sitting in our birthing class with some really immature guy who snickered everytime the instructor said the word Anus. We dubbed him & his wife Beavis & Butthead.
    In unrelated news, I've nominated you for a blogger award! Check it out at: