Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is Almost Here!

Well what a week it has been. I have been so busy with Christmas parties and various Christmas related activities that I didn't get a chance to post about the many things that have been happening around here. Of course now I can't remember everything I wanted to post about, and since I am off today thanks to the two million inches of snow that fell over the weekend, I don't really feel like racking my brain right now. So I'll just fill you in on a few highlights....

On Wednesday I got together with my favorite blog friends turned real life friends, Landlocked Mermaid, Ms. Mindless, and Pink Pearls and Muddy Sneakers. We had a small gift exchange and among other awesome things, Ms. Mindless gave me this totally over the top bow headband. What do you think?

I wanted to wear it to work, but was too chicken. I may try and wear it on New Year's. I could pull it off then, right?

On Friday I met up with one of my BFF's from high school. She is currently a grad student at Temple, but will be in the DC area for a few months while she is on internship. I am so excited! We had dinner at a hole in the wall Italian restaurant around the corner and then came home and drank wine by the fire since it began snowing while we were at dinner. It was so nice to catch up and chat about how much we have changed over the years. There is just something about being with a friend that has known you forever that is comforting.

Because of the storm she ended up spending the night, but luckily was able to make it back to Maryland Saturday morning before the storm really kicked in. Here is what it looked like when we first woke up:

And here is what it looked like a few hours later:

Insane! We haven't seen a snowstorm like this since we moved from New York, so it was quite fun to experience it again. We spent most of the day cuddled up inside, but went on a couple walks to curb our cabin fever. In the afternoon we walked down to E. Capitol St. and down to the Capitol, which was quite a scene. There were tons of people in the middle of the street, pulling kids in sleds, cross country skiing, and walking in snowshoes. Something about seeing everyone out there was so amazing. I took a bunch of videos, but most of them are quite shaky since we were walking too. Note to self: when taking video....stand still.

Yesterday I went around the corner to Landlocked Mermaid's house where we baked 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies. We were baking machines. LM packaged her cookies in monogrammed baking boxes and even sent a pretty box home with me. This is what they looked like:

Aren't they so pretty!? I came home and put my box on the dining room table. BIG MISTAKE. We went to dinner later last night with another couple and when we returned home this is what we saw:

I about had a heart attack. There were probably 6-8 chocolate chip cookies in there! Kona looked more guilty than sick so we jumped online to see if we needed to take her to the emergency vet. The websites we found said semisweet chocolate is toxic to a 50 pound dog when they ingest 15 ounces. Kona is 22 pounds so we figured about 7 ounces would be toxic for her. A full bag of semisweet chocolate is 12 ounces and that makes about 60 cookies so I don't think she had a toxic dose. We are just waiting for her to get it all out of her system so I can stop freaking out! If you are the praying kind, please pray for her to get well soon!

If they clean up the roads I will be back at work tomorrow and Wednesday and then we are heading back to NY on Christmas Eve. I hope to post a couple more times before Christmas, but I never know how life is going to pan out so if I don't make it back...Merry Christmas!


  1. i LOVE your bow and think you should rock it out all the time :) and i seriously can't believe how much snow you guys got - definitely looks like Christmas over there!

  2. I love the bow! I agree with Jenn - you can rock it any day!! I can't believe all the snow - looks so beautiful. And I sure hope Kona gets better soon!

  3. i was recently told by a vet that the whole "choco is toxic to dogs" is pure crap and you shouldn't freak out. yes, it's not great for them but they said most dogs can't even eat as much chocolate as would be toxic to them. does that make sense? so basically it could be toxic in doses so large that are improbably for them to even ingest.
    hope your pup follows this rule and gets better soon!

  4. Lovvvve the headband. I can't believe how much snow you got! Glad to hear you got to catch up with your best friend, how wonderful that her internship will be close to you and you'll see more of her!

    SO jealous you went to Landlocked Mermaids! I very much miss her blog, I have this blog under my real email and in order to read private blogs I have to give her my email address..which I'm not quite ready to do yet...

    Anyway, hope your puppy isn't hurt from all that chocolate!

  5. That headband looks FANTASTIC on you (you are too darling anyway!)!! You should definitely wear it on NYE and any other fun date/function/dinner you have coming up. It's just perfect!!

    Hope Kona continues to do well!

  6. That is a lot of snow! And when this NYer says it's a lot, you know it's no joke!

  7. you can definitely pull it off, esp on new year's! love the view outside your door... the homes across the street are so classy.

  8. The bow is too cute!! Keep us updated on Kona!

  9. Holy cow! Look at all that snow woman! I hope you have been enjoying your snow days :) And that bow is simply the cutest thing I have ever seen :)

  10. I love the bow headband and think you can totally rock it - and not just on NYE! It's great. Very Blair Waldorf.

    Hope the pup's OK!

  11. Aww...I'm hoping everything is fine with Kona. I LOVE your snowy DC photos!!! I cannot believe all the snow you got there. 3 years of DC winters and it barely freaking snowed at all!

  12. I love the big bow look! You look so cute :)